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well she said
that she's got a new boyfriend
she also said that she said
you were the best five minutes
that she ever spent oh yeah
but when she said
she had not seen him just yet
he might be dead
or he might not come to this town again oh

she's just a punching bag
waving a big white flag
she's just a teenager
piercing her third ear
and when she's looking back
she'll have a heart attack
and her eyes'll fill with
crocodile tears

he'd gone
what would she have in his place
another cat, a guitar
and his fat backhand
all on her face oh no
and if he knew
he could drive those miles away
and change his name
there would be no history to erase oh

he's just a pair of pants
he's just a mating dance
he's just a teenager
drinking his first beer
and when he's looking on
he'll write a shitty song
and he'll be swallowing her
crocodile tears oh oh

don't wanna die
i wanna live
till i'm 35
wanna see the sparks fly
i wanna forget
what it's like to cry

am i alone alone alone alone alone
you're not alone alone alone alone alone
oh no


from Anima Noise: 4​-​Track Recordings, released December 31, 2014




Animal Noises Minneapolis, Minnesota

Animal Noises is a laptop. Animal Noises is an indeterminate number of people. Animal Noises is low fidelity. Animal Noises is punk rock.

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